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With over 20 years’ experience as a Certified Coach, Helen is laser-focused to help her clients believe in themselves – to hold them accountable and accomplish their goals. 

In conjunction with over 30 years as a Law of Attraction Practitioner, this positive can-do attitude has helped Helen to become ahead of the game in positive thinking. Helen has owned a number of small businesses before she decided coaching, mentoring and motivational speaking was her true path. Once she decided to go for it, she committed to her new calling and never looked back.

Currently, she has her podcast, “Positive Space,” at, her talk show about the power of positive thinking. Helen has enjoyed LIVE internet radio/TV talk-show hosting. Past radio/TV hosting gigs for Helen were: WLINY, Monday through Friday morning, 8-10am EST, co-hosting “Kop & Crew No Holds Barred, Morning Show;” “17 Seconds,” her own hour-long talk show about the Law of Attraction from Lake Grove, NY; “Lisa & Helen Talk Relationships, with Lisa Monaco-Ray, also at WILNY; “She said, He Said” as well as “Paradigm Chimes,” formerly a Law of Attraction show, out of Mesa, Arizona; and “TheMixLINY,” out of Huntington, NY, an all-woman talk show about current issues facing women today. 

Public speaking is Helen’s passion and she is available for speaking events on a number of subjects, yet all pertaining to the power of positive thinking! Beating breast cancer during the pandemic is high her list; it was her mindset that contributed to her recovery as well as her attitude. She has spoken internationally on this subject. 

Reinvention at 50 plus (or any age!) is also a topic close to Helen’s heart, with the belief that if one is willing to step out of their comfort zone, anything is possible, whether it be finding love, career or improving one’s health. 

An attitude of “what if… it all worked out” is her favorite mantra.


Helen is also the Organizer and Host of the Law of Attraction Long Island Meetup. When she took the meetings over in January 2014, membership was at 250. Since she has taken the helm, membership has climbed to over 1735 .  It is her joy, passion and dedication to her members that has made this particular LOA group one of the largest in the New York - Tri-State area.

A poet and writer, Helen’s is working on her own personal take on positive thinking, as well one coming out about her challenges with beating breast cancer and a purely sarcastic, often poignant, seriously funny book on “mature” relationships are currently in the works. 


And finally, “Helping other people find their true calling is a gift and to know the joy that I helped change someone’s life for their greater good – it doesn’t get any better than that.”

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