Helen offers services as a transformational coach, mentor, and motivational speaker. All three facets of her services offer a mutual development of trust, respect, accountability and confidentiality.  For more information, contact Helen by email.



According to Helen, "I help people quiet the noise in their heads to help them achieve their goals! It's my mission to help others realize their full potential, through listening, co-creating ideas and guiding my clients to their best possible outcome." Through focus, overcoming challenges, support, motivation, accountability and empathy, "I help my clients to move forward."


Available for private and group coaching.



 "As a mentor, I guide and help clients strategize their next moves regarding their career paths."


A client may explore a different career and what it entails.  It is through the mentoring process where "we set goals, develop contacts and identify resources."

Speaking Engagements


"Speaking engagements large and small, I love 'em all... just give me a podium and I can talk all night!"


As host and organizer of Law of Attraction Long Island, Helen is often the keynote speaker and enjoys opportunities to present  with other coaches.  Go to the Events page here or go to and, browse through the meetings to see when she is speaking/leading the meeting.


In addition to the LOA LI, Helen is also speaking at other venues... check the Events calendar.


If you are interested in booking Helen for an awesome, motivational, fun speaking engagement, please to go to the Contact page and send an email.