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"Helen is an excellent facilitator and coach. She strikes a wonderful balance between really knowing her stuff and challenging you to become more adept at the process, while clearly being on the journey herself and staying open to the ideas and experiences of others. She is a very knowledgeable, friendly, and pro-active asset."


"Helen is a natural leader who is passionate about the Law of Attraction.  She knows how to gather people together and inspire them to become the best possible version of themselves.  I have learned so much from her about how to manifest the life of my dreams!"


"I can always count on Helen to give me great advice on important decisions in my life, whatever it may be. She is a really attentive listener and knows how to come up with strategies that are easy to implement. Helen is very easy to talk to, like a friend you have known for years. Thanks for all of your help, I am grateful for all that you do."

Jeff F.

"Helen is an amazing person and friend who has helped me through difficult situations in my life. Helen is an incredible motivational speaker, shes amazing.  I am privilege to have attended her seminars. She's has a gift in teaching others to become winners in themselves. Helen is funny, entertaining and very informative.


Her honesty, transparency and straightforward approach are qualities that I deeply and 

admire and appreciate. She is open hearted, caring, available and always welcoming. What I love most, about Helen is that she shares her life's experience honestly."

N. Dahl

"Helen has helped me to realize many things, mostly to live in the present...know that happiness lies within need to go inside yourself to find & go through your get over your fears.  Living in the now, and knowing that only good will be in your future.  Expect great things...great things will happen...always believe in you, and the universe will have your back...

She's helped me change my life...but first you have to know you WANT to change your life...the mind is the most powerful gift we all have...Helen can help you get to where you want to be...Helen, Thank You!!!"

"Helen is super connected and experienced with the Law of Attraction.  Her seminars have gotten me interested in LOA when I had drifted away for a while.  Helen has also helped me as a valuable resource and connector to many things related to LOA."
Jay Rosensweig

"Helen is an incredible motivator!  I have never met a more positive person.  She has a can-do attitude and is full of ideas and suggestions to help anyone to reach their goals.  Helen was instrumental in getting me on my chosen path.  She is very methodical in her approach and if something doesn’t resonate with you, she always has alternative approaches that are in line with your unique personality and ways of approaching things.


Helen is dedicated and focused.  There is no one I would rather have on my side to help me achieve all that I want to accomplish.  Her ideas are always matched with an action plan that ensures your ability to reach your goals.  Helen, thank you for your dedication and always being there for me!  Your endless enthusiasm is contagious!"

Paul E.

"Helen is a very effective life coach. She guided me through a very difficult transition in my life recently. My family was in the process of moving back into the home I grew up in to care for my autistic brother. The entire situation was extremely overwhelming and stressful, but after speaking with Helen, I had a whole new perspective. She was truly interested in my concerns and was quick to grasp the issues that seemed to be causing me the most stress and apprehension. Helen helped me to look at the situation
in a different way, to stop focusing on the negativity and the obvious challenges we would be facing, and to instead focus on all the positive. I have to say, after speaking with her, my whole attitude changed. She helped me to feel more relaxed and this in turn helped me to handle the ups and downs of the situation in a much easier way. When I find myself getting stressed or agitated, I remember the guidance she gave me and I am able to set the negativity aside and as Helen says "get on with it". We cannot change the past, but we can change the present with a positive attitude and outlook on
life. Take what has been given to you and roll with it. Helen has taught me this and so much more. I would always feel comfortable reaching out to her for advice and coaching in any situation. She is fabulous!"

Dianne S.

"Hi Helen,

I just wanted to thank you for all your helpful meet ups. I feel as though you've inspired me to learn so much more about LOA. Your persistence to supplying me (us) with the acknowledgement that LOA is always working and the universe always has my back. I have learned from you about how LOA is in our every day life all the time. You have helped realize that what i have been always thinking really is. I look foward to your subject discussion at your meet ups because i feel that you and all your co organizers contuct the room with ease and draw all of our minds to the conversation feeling so comfortable. I'm always leaving feeling good and want to say THANK YOU for all that you do!


P.S. I also want to thank all of your co organizers . They are so helpful and welcoming.

My favorite part is always the feeling good vibration in the room. THANK YOU!"


"I first met Helen when I was seeking a Law of Attraction Practitioner.  I was going through a transitional time and was looking to find positive and like-minded people.  Helen was the speaker, and within the first 5 minutes she had the ability to draw me in with her enthusiasm and energy. I left the meeting with a new attitude and regained my sense of confidence and certainty.  I now attend Helen's meetings multiple times per month and each time she facilitates a subject matter she brings new insight and awareness that has guided me to achieving my personal and professional growth."

Patti G.


"I have known Helen for over two years now.  She is a marvelous public speaker, who is organized and concise.  Helen opens up a dialogue and offers audience participation and spirited debate.  She brings everyone back to the original concepts of her subject matter, and allows those in the audience to open up their minds, to new concepts.

 Along those lines, she has evolved into a wonderful life coach.  She helps her clients not only attain their dreams, but gives them a path to go on. She passionately listens to them, and they sit down and create an action plan.

I highly recommend Helen to help you build the life of your dreams!"



"Helen & I met years of the best things that ever happened to me!
Over the years, our relationship developed into a "sisterhood" & as such, we shared & talked about many things going on in our lives.......good & not so good!

I have always valued Helen's advice & when I was unsure of what to do next her urging & support enabled me to take that "next step" many times to improve myself or my life situations.  Although we don't see each other as much as we did (I now live in another state) we still have that connection which I am so happy & grateful for!"

Christina GB


"Helen is a stellar Life Coach.  She was able to help me very quickly zone into my true life goals and aspirations making a plan to help me achieve these goals.  She is positive, motivating and truly inspires me to achieve my best.  I felt supported and am forever grateful for Helen's help and guidance."

Michele C


"Throughout the many years of our friendship I have always had the support of Helen Cernligliaro.  Her guidance and insight has helped me during situations in my life when I was faced with difficult decisions.  Helen has the empathy, compassion, and insight that has helped me to discover and obtain my goals."

​Susan K.


​"Helen is an awesome and wonderful coach! She is amazing in helping me identify my passions and desires in a much deeper understanding. She was able to bring into light what I needed to do to help me achieve my goals. I was very inspired to take on action steps that was most desirable and fun to lead to my goals. I love working with Helen."

Christian Lombardo

"I first met Helen at the Law of Attraction group she runs. Immediately she made me feel welcome, at a time in my life that I was looking for a place to fit in. Where I was nervous about being accepted, Helen took me under her wing and began to help me to open up. She encouraged and guided me to step out of my comfort zone, to be more outgoing and to be my authentic self. Her guidance was subtle but strong and somehow when I least expected it, she was able to bring the real me out. Thank you Helen, I am blessed to have met you."


Emerge Into Peace

"Great meeting tonight! I love listening to you!!! I hope you felt the love in the room for you, and I hope that it will ease your hurt that your heart is still holding. You really are so genuine, honest and giving. I am blessed to be getting to know you more and more."

Monica Bennett

"I first met Helen as the host for the LOA meetup group. She would always go out of her way to make sure my needs were met and that everything was running smoothly. When I was a guest speaker for a New York engagement, again Helen made sure that all the accommodations that I asked for were taken care of. Her positive attitude always shines through with everything that she does. I have also heard Helen talk and she keeps things real, has a great sense of humor and deliveries a knockout presentation! I would highly recommend Helen for coaching, speaking or advice. Helen is a true leader and professional."

Monica Bennett

"Helen is all about empowering people. As a coach, she creates a safe place where her clients can be honest about their fears, ie their personal stumbling blocks which hold them back from their success. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is trying to improve their lives. With patience, kindness and a sense of humor, she effortlessly brings out the best in people, then steps back to watch them soar.

I have heard Helen speak on numerous occasions; she is dynamic in her beliefs and methods. I always leave her workshops feeling uplifted and inspired."

Tony Busse

"Helen is a dedicated speaker on the Law of Attraction. I have been attending her meetups for two years and find that she is always well prepared and enthusiastic about her subject matter. She holds the attention of her audience and is adept at maintaining on-topic control of audience questions and comments while still allowing everyone to speak their mind."


“I’ve known Helen for a year. She is a positive inspiring Human Being that loves to serve the community with her Law of Attraction Group. She has provided me a space to open up and share my experiences with the group which I learned from. In addition, Helen provided me an opportunity to present my 
X-Factors2Success Principles with her group and encouraged me to go further. I’m Grateful to know her and look forward to her continued Success in the work she does in the world.”
Ruggero Fratarcangeli aka "G"

"When looking for a coach or a spiritually minded group where you can feel safe, supported and encouraged to discuss spiritually and related topics, I need not look further than Helen Cernigliaro.  As a colleague, a member of her group “Law of Attraction” and making occasional presentations to that group, I have had the privilege of working with her on both sides of the aisle, as it were. I have found her to be warm, funny, caring and highly respectful of each individuals need.  Whether as a coach or group leader, she seeks to provide a space where each individual can shine from a place of truth and honesty.  I don’t make recommendations such as this one in a public forum, unless the individual I’m writing about truly deserves it.  In Helen’s case, I happily give her an enthusiastic Two Thumbs Up!"

​Gary M. Spolansky, MBA

Shamanic/Empathic Healer – Reiki Master/Teacher

"I've known Helen for over 20 years, I've heard her speak and coach, she is an eloquent speaker commands your intention in a room along with making you feel very comfortable and relaxed while she speaks! I am new to Law of Attraction and I was privileged to be part of an intro meeting she did, well; let's just say I cried on my ride home remembering what she spoke about and how inspired she was and how I felt she was speaking only to me. I am also not a person that can easily meditate, that the same evening I was able to go home and sit in my own thoughts for at least five minutes, remembering everything Helen spoke about! Thank you Helen for being such a great inspirational and motivational speaker!"

Anna Blass


"Helen is truly gifted when it comes to sharing her positive insight.  She can lead a discussion for 5-500 and captivate an audience.  Helen is on point with her knowledge of the topic on hand, and shares with vivid stories of motivation and upliftment.  She has the gift of bringing people together whether it is through her many humorous stories or honest reflections of her own life.   Helen's warmth and laughter is contagious, I Always leave her lectures with the tools to pursue my dreams and better equipped at making them a reality.  Through her motivational speaking, Helen has the talents to enhance any workshop.

She is generous in her time and makes everyone feel welcome.  I have been seen many of her students helped by her guidance and intuitive wisdom. Helen is a first class act!"

Jennifer Flaum


"Helen coached me through a big decision. I had a secure job for 10+ years but was not happy. I was on the fence whether or not to seek out new employment. Do I take the risk? Helen coached me through taking the risk, keeping it positive and envisioning a new employment opportunity with a salary increase, took action!  Within two-weeks I had interviews set up and I accepted a new position with a higher salary. Thanks Helen!"


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